Grin Full-node Day!

Chinese biggest Grin community named “Gringotts古灵阁”, recently discussed and organized the first “Grin Full-node Day”.

We all know Grin has two principles:Minimal & Fair

Minimal makes it possible to unify anonymous private transactions and the capacity scalability of blockchains.

So the Full-node is light wight then btc,better then all old style private coin.

According to Metcalfe’s law: the value of a network is equal to the square of the number of nodes in the network. It can be concluded that when a cryptocurrency network has more nodes, the more secure and higher value the network be.

So everyone can lightwightly run a wallet with Full node,easily secure the network & increase the network value。

So,we encourage everyone to join the full node day event。
what is the full node day event?
in every 15th(Grin’s month birthday) of every month,community encourage new and existing users to install and run Grin full nodes, atleast in that day.

Set a small goal first, let number of full nodes catch up with the BTC full nodes.

The first phase of the full node day was successfully held in chinese community , On Sept 15th, China’s total Grin Full-node num has increased by dozens.