Grin Icon Branding

Top right - yeah :+1::grin:


The typography could be improved but I like the choices fluffycookies is making - lower case (friendly) underscore after the name grin is maybe not necessary, maybe if it was animated to blink like a cursor, but not needed as part of the main logo lockup. I’d also find a better monospace font, the ‘r’ is awkwardly shaped in this one.

@brent why don’t you add some text treatment ideas to your grin logo above? These latest ideas are basically the same concept for the emoticon part… I mean this:

I’d love to spend more time on this, but wonder if there’s support for evolving the logo in the community? Maybe it should be put to a vote? I’d hate to waste a lot of time if it’s not going to go anywhere.

We had a vote already, definitely putting cart befare horse to consider it again so soon. It is definitely not pressing or widely supported community issue as most people like the current logo and even those who think it could be better dont see much reason to prioritize it now. Very few things matter less than the logo, and changing it now would be like changing the “unprofessional” name from grin to something slicker… would primarily confuse and distort our brand awareness. Only a handful of people out of thousands feel this is pertinent currently. I do like seeing new designs however!

I personally think the Japanese smile m design is goofier and more amateur looking than the current one, with the bonus of being extremely unoriginal. Making grin palatable to the lowest common denominator is not productive this early on, and probably counter productive.

appreciate your efforts, but the symbol is so damn ugly. It has the ambivalent gaze of someone who’s been smashed in the head with a brick.

it’s grotesque in a pathetic way, not a provocative one.

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I basically disagree with pretty much all what you say here 0xb100d !

Bitcoin logo was changed many times. And the first one was done by god Satoshi himself (the “BC” logo).

I dont have a strong opinion about changing grin logo, but I do think that if the logo were to changed it would be for a new logo that would do a large consensus and sent like a gift from god :smiley:

Current logo has its merit, it is very original, it does look cypherpunk, but it also does look provocative, and not completely balanced, and this is the problematic thing to me. I dont have anything against smiley logos, or original logo, but the really important thing is what the logo is saying, or not saying. current logo is provocative and mysterious, and doesnt make obvious that we are talking about digital cash.

not a huge fan of the logo with grin currency symbol (the chi?) but it has the advantage of being less “crazy”.

sometimes I look at grin logo for a few seconds trying to understand what this thing is telling to me ? what does he think behind his head :slightly_smiling_face:

when I look at bitcoin logo, I am just understanding immediately that this shit wants to compete dollar, and is a new currency, and say it proudly with no ambiguity.
that’s why buttcoin logo is great.


I have two other designs then, one of which already won a forum poll as the best symbol for the currency. If we are looking for something less smiley then please for god’s sake let us not use the silly japanese brain dead smile.


But keep in mind, changing the logo will not make grin better money, wont get it used more, and wont make you rich. Changing the bitcoin logo surely did not make it more popular or effective. Grin is only for cypherpunk nerds for the time being, and picking a logo that is supposed to cater to non cypderpunk non nerds is a total waste of time. Like redesigning the U$ dollar sign would make it more or less used… there’s zero chance. it is utterly beside the point. But it is fun to bike shed and bullshit, I can’t deny it. But just be certain we are bikeshedding and bullshitting and not making grin more likely to be used in any way shape or form.

no change to bitcoin logo at any point in its history wouldmmake it greater or less great whatsoever. It would still be barely used

Just my 2 GRIN (₲2)

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Unfortunately already the symbol for another currency.

It shouldn’t matter. It didn’t matter that Bitcoin stole the symbol for an existing currency.

what currency symbol did bitcoin use? the g symbol is currently hard coded to be a symbol for an in use currency I believe, so it could be considered outright fraud.

Bitcoin adopted the Thai Baht as its currency symbol ฿.


What do you respond to this 0x ?
I see that you have response to (almost) everything, usually

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Riffing off your idea in second link



I use Pixlr and Canva, FYI


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Bitcoin does not use the currency symbol of the Thai Baht. That would probably be illegal outright.

This is amazing! Also news to me. I was under the impression that the Bitcoin community still borrowed ฿, but it turns in 2017 Unicode included ₿ into the standard (

This means that there is hope for Grin to have it’s own currency symbol added into the Unicode standard in the future! All the more reason to have a custom designed symbol unique to the purpose for Grin.

PS: If you don’t believe that the Baht symbol was ever borrowed, you’d be wrong. Refer to here for a note on that if you don’t believe me:

Animation showing how the smile/grin is embedded in the G glyph design:

This design is from posts over here: Currency Symbol [ ɠ / ꞡ / ǥ / other ] #BS

My contribution to this idea: