Grin Logos for Community Consideration


Interesting idea. Something like this?

I also worked a bit on the just grin logo; the second one is not so serious, it just reminded me of the ballchain dog from Zelda.

Color in general is not my strong suit, so if someone has a good idea what two colors to combine, I’m all ears.


…Damn, this thing is haunting me…


The Nineties called; they want their Super Nintendo Pacman ripoff logo back :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I posting too much? I feel like I’m hijacking this thread a bit…



I absolutely love this. If anyone can physically draw out the logo, that also means it can be rendered and remixed in a variety of ways while still maintaining it’s symbolic representation of grin. For an anarchistic community, that’s powerful to allow for local flavoring and color.

@colincr33vey could you upload an .svg of this?


I’ve uploaded the SVG to a couple sites (sorry if any are spammy, I’m not sure what the go-to places are for 1-click downloads these days). I really like the playful-ness of this logo


This seems by far the best suggestion.
I can understand the symbolism of the smiley grinning but it seems far too complex to be an appropriate logo.


How is that mockup done? looks nice.


I like this one too, The “logo/symbol” needs to be something that is distinguishable. The current smile could easily be mistaken for just a smiley. Think of shop windows, website banners, accepted here signs. These are the places where the logo will be functional.


This logo is so dull and obvious, to the extant that I think it would better represent a parking lot company better than grin.


It’s important for a logo to refrain from being overly complex though. As if a 1 second glance would be enough to memorize it entirely.

The MW on the eyes of the current smiley are an example of that kind of forgettable complexity.

We all understand the symbolism the MW carries, but wouldn’t a blind smiley convey an even more powerful message in a simpler way?


I’ve seen at least two carved halloween pumpkin grin-o-lanterns of the mw-eyed smiley logo now… doesn’t get more official than that. and also more proof its a minimal logo. so cool.

edit also, the discord channels have almost all incorporated the grin logo as a smiley you can select as a reaction to posts, and it works even really tiny. pretty awesome seeing it all over the place.


Yep, pretty cool, and proves how versatile the symbol is! Good luck doing that with some of the other coin logos…




Super special edition halloween sweater up on TMGOX (@askepios, great minds think alike!), the first fully third-party designed art to be submitted to TMGOX (by @21isenough, thank you!!). Too late to rock this halloween, but consider it an ugly-christmas sweater contestant! Get it now to wear next spooktober.

also, @colincr33vey can I put your hand drawn smiley on some merch? its very cool.


WOW!!! I’m crying tears of joy looking at all these variations!! :exploding_head:
Amazing work all!

@0-X regarding halloween sweater being out of date… perhaps we can make some Xmas sweaters in time for the holiday season? Maybe a snowman / snowball version of the grin smiley, or a Santa hat smiley etc… hehe you’ve opened a can of worms now!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@0-X @21isenough That design is awesome 24/7/365! What other cryptocurrency has so much style???


100%… I’m going to look into knit sweaters as well.


Yeah, it cool. Really liking this sweater. Definitely no other cryptocurrency has that - and Grin has it before it’s mainnet launch :wink:


twistsmyth inspired me