Grin Logos for Community Consideration


This logo is so dull and obvious, to the extant that I think it would better represent a parking lot company better than grin.


It’s important for a logo to refrain from being overly complex though. As if a 1 second glance would be enough to memorize it entirely.

The MW on the eyes of the current smiley are an example of that kind of forgettable complexity.

We all understand the symbolism the MW carries, but wouldn’t a blind smiley convey an even more powerful message in a simpler way?


I’ve seen at least two carved halloween pumpkin grin-o-lanterns of the mw-eyed smiley logo now… doesn’t get more official than that. and also more proof its a minimal logo. so cool.

edit also, the discord channels have almost all incorporated the grin logo as a smiley you can select as a reaction to posts, and it works even really tiny. pretty awesome seeing it all over the place.


Yep, pretty cool, and proves how versatile the symbol is! Good luck doing that with some of the other coin logos…




Super special edition halloween sweater up on TMGOX (@askepios, great minds think alike!), the first fully third-party designed art to be submitted to TMGOX (by @21isenough, thank you!!). Too late to rock this halloween, but consider it an ugly-christmas sweater contestant! Get it now to wear next spooktober.

also, @colincr33vey can I put your hand drawn smiley on some merch? its very cool.


WOW!!! I’m crying tears of joy looking at all these variations!! :exploding_head:
Amazing work all!

@0xb100d regarding halloween sweater being out of date… perhaps we can make some Xmas sweaters in time for the holiday season? Maybe a snowman / snowball version of the grin smiley, or a Santa hat smiley etc… hehe you’ve opened a can of worms now!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@0xb100d @21isenough That design is awesome 24/7/365! What other cryptocurrency has so much style???


100%… I’m going to look into knit sweaters as well.


Yeah, it cool. Really liking this sweater. Definitely no other cryptocurrency has that - and Grin has it before it’s mainnet launch :wink:


twistsmyth inspired me



I agree and support this direction :slight_smile:


Once we decide on a logo, can someone please update the forum favicon with it? A few of the other forums I’m on do that and it looks really cool. This thread seems to imply that’s it’s easy to do:

Also helps for marketing and brand association. A cool logo and smiling face creates a positive first impression and leaves a much better mental anchor than a bunch of confusing crypto explained via text on a forum. Humans are visual creatures and anything we can do to make the project memorable, familiar, and approachable is a plus. :slight_smile:



This is lit af :slight_smile:

A suggestion though: maybe change the part that says “the color yellow as a reflection of jaundice” to something like “the color yellow as a reflection of the light that gives life to all things and creates possibility” or “yellow the color of the sunny future that is possible when people control their assets and thus their destinies” or “the color yellow as a beacon of hope that a future with privacy and respect is possible”. You know… something positive ¯_(ツ)_/¯


don’t think I ever shared this on here but it was one of the limited edition stickers at GrinCon0.

Can share the svg if anybody wants it.


How about something very simple, like Bitcoin’s style?
Something very simple, but that if you see a “G” with the two lines in the top and in the bottom, you’ll immediately know that is Grin.

Currency Symbol [ ɠ / ꞡ / ǥ / other ] #BS



To help progress the aspects related to the Grin symbology, it may be worth considering them more rigidly from the point of view of the main different use cases. I think the 3 main areas of usage are:

  1. A 3-letter currency code – for use by exchanges will almost certainly be required and one will be foisted upon the token if none is officially put forward by the project leadership.
  2. A symbol for the currency analogous to the $ for dollars, £ for pounds etc. – for making the token easier to denote in a single character i.e. the original reason such symbols evolved in the first place; while it may not be imperative, it would support and strengthen the eventual ‘brand’ for the token for PR purposes and raising awareness in general.
  3. A logotype – for promoting the concept in a more visually appealing way on website livery, promotional materials, stationery etc etc

These may overlap and complement each other but don’t necessarily have to incorporate each other. In fact, it can become overly contrived and lead to awkward solutions if this is insisted upon. The first two of these general uses are discussed on a separate thread re: currency symbol and it might be useful to keep them confined to there. This thread seems more concerned with the third general usage which is more pertinent to the branding /promotion/public representation.

The smiley face with the MW eyes seems to have traction as the primary logo to date and at this stage, it may not be feasible before mainnet is launched to get agreement on an alternative. However, it might be wise to consider a treatment for the word ‘Grin’ that would fit with the smiley/grinney face graphic logo for practical purposes i.e. a logotype in addition to the standalone logo.

When thinking about that, I would suggest being mindful of the types of people who the project needs to ultimately get interested in Grin. Like it or not, many of those will be persons/organizations with access to significant money/assets that need to be exchanged or moved from A to B. While the potential for nefarious actors to be interested is unavoidable, corporate folks should probably not be alienated. The existing smiley face already has echoes of slackery subversiveness with even a wry grin in the direction of Nirvana. I would suggest not going any further in that direction and to that end, the typeface, I would suggest, should be much cleaner and slicker than that Tradewinds typeface in the recent suggestion above. Similarly, attempting to draw too many associations to Potter-ania will confer a lack of seriousness to the whole project and only serve to confirm many cryptosceptic’s suspicions that the whole area is a self-indulgent, navel-gazing, fantasy-ridden nerdfest.

A potential way to progress the conversation might be to identify some ‘brand values’ as you would with any regular project where a logotype is required, and try to build up some ideas from there.


In my opinion, I’d suggest that at this stage, differentiation and intrigue trump “trusted corporate friendly branding”.

Grin is asking people to take a leap of faith and join a movement more than it is asking for people to soberly evaluate a technology (especially given all of the MW variants that will spring up). The most important brand value in that respect would be “bold, opinionated and rich in personality”.

Beam has a very corporate font and buttoned up appearance, and to me just looks (from a branding perspective) like “us too, here is our submission: crypto variant 4290328 for your evaluation”.