Grin Logos for Community Consideration

My 2 μツ:



Really serious and still a lot of white spots on the map (I should add continents) - gringraphworld:

Well that may be over the top - grinhappyrainbowworld:




Well, this one actually reads “griz”. I think I should better stop now.


Miner change. Does Grin need a nose??

@elevan that’s some quality work right there!

Much wow. Great art very future. I used one for my avatar today thanks so much, elevan.

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Looks pretty good on you!



Hello, new here. I am a designer from Amsterdam. I just received my Grin stickers in the mail and I am just curious to know who designed the Grin face etc… Amazing to see that it was a community effort. The designs in their totality really are on point and have the perfect spirit for such a great project. Congrats to you all. I am your #1 fan :wink:


literally scroll up the comments in this thread and find the evolution of the design & who made it.

I think he meant that he was curious to find out who made it, thus he ended up here where he saw “that it was a community effort.”

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@elevan These are cool, they remind me of the stereonets we used in structural geology. I like stereonets.

@a3machine Yes! I agree, it’s such a perfect fit! The logo is the reason why I started going down the grin rabbit hole to begin with. Seems like a lot of magic going on here, and more than just the Harry Potter lore :slight_smile:

Cheers bud!

Had to laugh at this.

Cheers. I love playing around with these and I also have a couple more ideas. It´s the least I can bring to this community (besides valuable trash talk) as a “visual coder”. Hopefully I will find some free minutes soon.


Can someone please help me find a vector version of grin’s awesome logo? Thanks.



Thank you for your time. Cheers.

Hi! As You option friendly of female smiles? Why the female form, because money is the financial energy that materializes the structures created by the mind. On the lips can be placed M - upper lip, W - lower lip. Rumor has it that GRIN is the future - a Global … Invisible Network (GRIN). Many believe that GRIN will be an ideal financial system for artificial intelligence to enter the real world. variant

I collected the assets from this thread that I think are widely recognizable as Mimblewimble/Grin and aren’t too low in quality here:

If you have higher quality versions of the current ones (ideally vectorized) or have any good assets that aren’t in that list, feel free to make a pull request or share them in this thread so that I can eventually add them.