Grin Logos for Community Consideration

Pretty agree with bigkev, the community should make a logo. And it could be a good opportunity to raise money for devs by selling Grin Stickers.

I like the yellow and black one. it doesn’t look like an official logo

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Just some sketches from tablet (they are supposed to be “G” in every logo)


I especially like the bottom left one, but it might have too much detail. A simplified version of this might work well (keeping the hexagon)

variations of this theme


old drafts

below some drafts and thought processes, all input welcome. it’s growing on me.

i’m grinning

edit bigger nose and less geometric eyes a la @igno.peverell

mascot vibes

alright things are alive and thank you all for looking at every bike shedding step… i’ve made it nicer.,


lehnberg didnt like the two colorway or the lightning bolt

the abyss stares back


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Can you see the Grin? :smirk:

I’m… ever so sorry for this one


It would be nice to see this with the open eye removed.

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horrific! is it a sample of something?

I like the @0xb100d’s avatar based logo but I feel that the M W might confuse people who don’t know about mimblewimble. So I threw together a modification that focuses on the G of Grin a bit more.

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Can has yellow and black and removing some detail

Its currently 2nd in my mind even with messy first go

Small dots and lines that you can barely see at full res are bad for logos.

you mean with both eyes closed/blinking?

No, I just drew it by hand in paint… grin%20(2)

This is another I’ve been sitting on for a while


Quite creative! Very different from what we have been seeing so far.

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A slight modification to @0xb100d’s design. I have vector formats too.


A slightly more gangsta version.


Also, I was thinking a version with text that wraps around the face, saying “Vipera Evanesca” (makes snakes disappear) or some other Harry Potter spell that everyone thinks is fitting, would be cool.

Here are a few I think are appropriate:

  • Vipera Evanesca - Makes snakes vanish
  • Protego Horribilis - Protects one from Dark Magic
  • Repello Inimicum - Keeps evil beings away
  • Repello Muggletum - Keeps Muggles away
  • Specialis Revelio - Reveals hidden secrets or magical properties

I’d love a vector format of the first.


Thanks for contributing @Askepios! Looks really nice! ^^

You wouldn’t happen to have any ideas around typographic setting as well? Font / spacing for “Grin” (or GRIN) in junction with the logo?

first one looks really good. please share files!

yellow I have been using is #fbfb27

think having a phrase involved diminishes the simplicity of it. I thought In Gob We Trust was cool, but I don’t think we need anything incorporated into the logo itself.

uploading some of the logos to a git for reference and easy sharing. also going to knock out some lettering.

Round logo like that would also look good stamped on a physical coin.

@igno.peverell Pull request created at mimblewimble/site.

@lehnberg I’m no typographer, but if we’re talking a ‘Grin’ or ‘GRIN’ to go with the smiley face, I’d go for an extension of its curves and shapes—probably derived from the eyes. And because there’d be only four letters, I probably wouldn’t bend them around the face. That would allow ‘Grin’ to stand alone. But in general, I agree with your earlier comments and think that this logo really stands apart from the herd and fits grin’s disposition. It’s neither generic slick corporate linkedin power handshake bullshit or neo tech nth dimension geometry wanna be. It’s cooler than all that—its cypherpunk.

@0xb100d I used firefox’s eyedropper tool on your design and got #fef102, but I can change it. Look forward to seeing your lettering.

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but I had this thought also…

The sooner the community gets-togehter/elects a logo, the sooner there can be fund generating merch (T-shirts, stickers, etc.). I know I’d buy and proudly rock some grin gear to spread the word and help keep the gears of development oiled.