Grin Poster creation team

This post is in the process of removal due to constant ridicule from @Grumpy. Please don’t hesitate to raise your concerns with the moderators or @Grumpy directly

Inspired by @Neo’s poster:


I like that 2nd one…

It gave me the thought of a Grin themed Pac-man. Where all the monsters were shitcoins and you went around eating them up.


This post is in the process of removal due to constant ridicule from @Grumpy. Please don’t hesitate to raise your concerns with the moderators or @Grumpy directly

At least Grin only made the “shit” and not the “bearshit”

Here is my submission.


:joy::joy::joy: Do you mind if I share that on Twitter?


Wouldn’t mind at all :slight_smile:


Noo, he just stupid. before team do good job. leaders ples ban grmpy

Desculpe, mas meu inglês não é bom, então falarei em português. Grumpy é um câncer para esta sociedade. Espero que ele seja banido

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Dear Grinners, please do not pay heed to @Grumpy. He enjoys getting a laugh and trolling any positive development by the Grin community. It may be related to his inability to contribute positively or some deeply hidden insecurity issues.

Continue your great work on this project and don’t pay any attention to this troll.

@Ronaldo, I appreciate your enthusiasm but it appears that your hoping that @Grumpy gets cancer which is not appropriate. I would just ignore him as opposed to wishing him ill

Please stop acting like you’re some kind of authority. You’ve had some good ideas but you’ve only been here 5-minutes. @Grimpys posts are very much on point. You, sir, need to check your premise: Grin is edgy and provocative. Deal with it & lose the ego.


You were just laughing and trolling seconds ago and now your complaining about the behaviour of others. Ironic much? This is a poster thread @Neo, try to stay on point and focus :wink: Peace

I think we all need to calm down. The funny thing about community is that it breeds factions. When you believe in a project it is easy to over react. I like your passion but not the words. All I see is wasted passion. Need to harness that into something.

This is funny and silly. Sadly it epitomises the manchild / juvenile impression of a typical techno enthusiast community.

@Grumpy is funny appreciate your light hearted contributions


You know what would be better, if @Grumpy would use his time to the benefit of grin instead of trolling and bringing the project down.

His actions speak louder than his words. He seems keen to sabotage anything that’s beneficial to the project. He seems like a kid desperate for attention. I feel bad for him.

Anywyas, this thread is about creating poster materials. Grumpy can start a thread titled ‘help me, I’m desperate for attention’ and take his bs there

@Grumpy is my alter ego. And sometimes. I allow him to get away from me and he does damage to the community. I will pay for whatever @Grumpy has done.


I made this as an alternative Grin logo. The original logo is great, but I think we need a shorthand version which can be easily written down/drawn by anyone like the Bitcoin “B” with the dollar signs through it - used the Grin money symbol so nothing completely new. Not sure if this has been discussed.


I still don’t think that is a good symbol for currency personally.

ᵹ all the way!