Grinbox deserves more love. It makes transactions so much easier

Unlike with traditional cryptocurrencies, Grin requires users to connect to each other with their wallet software in order to complete a transaction. This is not always convenient, but fortunately, Grinbox to the rescue.

Grinbox is a transaction protocol that utilizes relay servers to build and broadcast valid Grin transactions in a secure and scaleable way, without compromising on privacy.

  • 100% free and open source.
  • An address for your grin wallet.
  • End to end encryption.
  • Asynchronous messaging.
  • Transaction proofs.
  • Federation supported.

Learn more at, or watch the short video below.


What’s up bud?!?! Nice to put a face to the name. I didn’t know you did youtube videos! I’ll check out your channel.

I think it’s funny that they made a realy great tool to make sending/receiving grin easier, but only for use with a wallet that requires command line inputs for installation. I use a mac and sometimes I eat Elmer’s Glue, can I still use wallet713?

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It will be need for mobile wallets

Today mobile are behind Nat, Double Nat, Carrier Nats…

Grinbox is absolutely fantastic. It allows you to use addresses like in every other crypto, making onboarding much more convenient.

I wish other wallets would have it so that each didn’t have different address types. Makes using exchanges a pain.