miner - first to get 5 gps on Vegas


Hi guys, we are happy to announce new release of
(GrinPro is our modified version of GrinGoldMiner with API and some speed improvements)

Big kudos to @photon for speed improvements, especially for nvidia cards.

get it at:


  • Up to 30% faster Nvidia solver
  • Very high Nvidia solver fidelity
  • Improved AMD fidelity by about 1%
  • Significant reduction in CPU usage for AMD and Nvidia (up to 2x less) (Implemented original fast C++ cycle finder from John Tromp)
  • Slightly improved AMD mining rate
  • Fixed AMD cards auto-detection issues
  • “Reconnect To Primary” config option - try to connect back to primary stratum connection when on backup connection. You can set this in config, see manual_config.xml as example, alternatively can be also set as commandline argument (View documentation)
  • API changes:
  • Remote Dashboard options in config. Remote Dasbhoard will be released soon and this version of miner is compatible with it.

EDIT 2019/03/24:

GrinPro 2 beta - first to get 5 gps on Vegas
beta available at

4.5 - 5.1 gps on Vegas (depends on your power limit and tweaks)
2.1 - 2.8 gps on Polaris
fidelity 1
no rejects
windows and linux build
50% of the 2% fee mined directly to Grin dev pool
Final release will be on after Grin Amsterdam 2019


Any info on graph rate of different GPUs?


We are mining pool ,hope we can have deep cooperate with

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GrinPro 2 beta - GrinPro 2 - first to get 5 gps on Vegas
would appreciate if you share your graphrate for various cards…


Would appreciate if there appear C31 support for Vegas…


Remote Dashboard for monitoring multiple rigs now available: