Niffler, An out-of-the-box open sourced Grin GUI Wallet


Hello, I am glad to release an open sourced Grin GUI Wallet – Niffler.

The name ‘Niffler’ also comes from “harry potter”. :wink:

Github page:

Download link:

currently, only Mac beta version. Windows/Linux version will release soon.


  • simple, straightforward user interface
  • support multiple multiple languages(now is for English and 简体中文)


Create new wallet

create new wallet

Send grin

send grin

Receive grin

receive grin

Help wanted

A logo from any designer in this community will be much appreciate :slight_smile:


Niffler v0.1.1 released

Add wonderful logo and fix some bugs

Update from here:


We now have a wonderful logo from chinese grin community :slight_smile:

Logo made by @Duoasa, and also thanks @机械师区块链 .

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Linux version is available.

You could download from here:


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Windows version is available, which use the official official Grin wallet v1.1.0-win-beta.1 as back-end.

You could download from here

And a gitter room created for niffler users. Gitter room:

welcome to join :slight_smile:


Niffler wallet v0.3.0 released.

We add hedwig v1 relay service , so User without public ip could receive grin really easy :slight_smile:

In other words, You could withdraw grin from any exchanges and grin mine pool to your grin wallet very very easily .

You could download from here: :slight_smile:

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Niffler wallet v0.3.1 released.
It’s a bug fix version:

  1. fix issue in old version of windows.
  2. add slate file version select when send grin via http/https, better support for exchange deposit.

Just download and install it :slight_smile: