Niffler, An out-of-the-box open sourced Grin GUI Wallet


ty for the update, my coins are still in process at kucoin using the old wallet(0.4.0). Should I wait for the update or just install and let the transaction fail(kucoin).

@abcdefg12 you grin still on kucoin exchange.

so here you could do:

  1. cancel withdrawal on kucoin;
  2. install the new version(v0.4.1) of Niffler, and get new hedwig address.
  3. submit the new hedwig address to kucoin, request withdrawal .
  4. keep the wallet open. wait for grin sent from kucoin.

is there an .appimage version for Linux users?

Thank you in advance for your help

Sorry, I have an issue in compile part of grin on linux.
when i work out this, .appimage verison will be available.

no problem. thank you for the help and program development! :slight_smile:

Niffler wallet v0.4.2 is available, which add a local grin full node using grin-v2.0.0 as back-end.


@xiaojay Is it possible for a in wallet notification for every important update of the wallet version?

Actually Niffler have the update notification, when i released a official version of Niffler on github.

However, this version is a pre-released version. so the notification have not pop out.

when I am sure it have no big bug, it will became official release.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion :smile:




No problem, keep up the good work!!


Hey, I am just curious if it is necessary to restore the wallet when I uninstall it from the system and then again install it. Not sure if some dat files keep in some user folder, so the wallet remembers it…
I know I can try it, but actually not now, because my niffler wallet is on another PC. Thanks

This is looking great. Some members of the community w/ thinking of starting a marketing subdivision. One of the things we wanted to do was promote projects within the Grin ecosystem. Would it be ok if we promote this app too? In time, we will reach out to all Grin ecosystem projects

I am Ignotus

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@debilnypes The location of wallet data is same as the official cli grin wallet, which is .grin directory on your home dir. And the delete and reinstall Niffler wallet don’t affect wallet data.
However, I suggest you not use same wallet on different PC, which will cause inconsistent status between wallet.
And if you are in inconsistent status, you could do “more” --> " check balance" option.

@Swizz_beatz of course. promote is welcome always :slight_smile: Thank you.


Yep, I am already doing well.
The thing was I was having niffler wallet on my laptop, but reinstalled it recently.
Then I was trying to restore the wallet, but it wasn´t working, so I was not sure if I have a backup wallet on other PC. Later I restored it successfully on laptop, so no worries. But I was quite nervous about it.
At one time I thought that my restore phrase is wrong and there is a mistake. But I was just adding it wrong… you know you have to add the words one by one and not divided by space :sweat_smile:
Because I have other wallets where adding space between words is normal, I thought this one works the same. Nevermind. It´s done and everything works perfect !! Thanks for support again!

Btw, that adding words one by one is much better, because you have a better control of it. :wink:

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I love your wallet. I can’t wait for a mobile version.

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@debilnypes yes, the way to enter seeds could be improved in next version.
@Yawser Thanks you. Mobile version is on the way :slight_smile:


Hey thanks very much.

I had tried Grin++ but transactions weren’t confirming properly via the HTTPS link when coming from Poloniex. Tried the grin-wallet, but for some reason it wouldn’t open properly. Used Niffler, and works great.


@Leo did you delete your post because you got this working? :slight_smile:

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Hi Chronos,

Yes. The problem is resolved. I found that it was my mistake while using. :slight_smile:

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@xiaojay Great work on Niffler and Hedwig. Here’s a 3-minute walkthrough video on how to use it. We need to get this project an official website! :slight_smile:


wow,that’s really great :upside_down_face::heart_eyes::grinning:
Thank you very much.