[SOLVED] Early disappointments


Relayed your disappointment to https://beta.cent.co/+saul05 and it is being shared on Twitter as well.

Expecting the mining community to contribute to Grin’s development might be too hopeful, when at the moment they’re all fending off each other.

The road ahead will not be an easy one to traverse, but it will be worth it.


There is no road to follow. Grin is on its own path. I agree with your sentiment.


I would also direct this to all the cheaters (which we had quite a number of at Grincon U.S.): investors buying developers tickets, thieves stealing other people’s badges to give to their friends, and people sneaking into the conference without paying…all knowing full well that the conference proceeds would go to the dev fund. It’s really shameful. It takes advantage of the many people who have donated their time and effort, as well as money in supporting the development of Grin.

Perhaps every time someone asks for support on Gitter (or other channel) - be it a miner asking how to do something, an exchange asking for Grin integration help, a fund asking for info in order to make an investment - should be made to contribute after being helped. Quid pro quo.


These are the good times. Next come the ASICS.


How does the cuckoo license play in. Does the wording mean all closed source miners need to share fees? @tromp


Any derived miner that charges a developer fee for mining a fair coin
—one with no premine or other form of developer compensation—
shall offer to share half the fee revenue with the coin developers.

Via https://github.com/tromp/cuckoo/blob/master/LICENSE.txt


Here comes Chinese translation, good luck guys,may the magic be with us.








Grin can only succeed when it attracts more developers and participants. Also the intentions of the team behind grin are not clear as of yet. In this uncertainty, people will not fund a newcomer project.


What do you mean our intentions aren’t clear? We’ve been at this for 2.5 years and haven’t deviated, I don’t know how to make them any clearer.


How much did grincon make for yeast @catnic ?


A amateur Chinese translation:







Did you expect anything else? If anything I been thinking this launch has been rather smooth, the lack of proof of payment tools means otc is a place of fraud, that I haven’t found a way to bandaid. But this all went better then expected, beem launching first on a symbiotic day is definitely a move that could have lead the market astray; yet I don’t see that having an effect.


We’ve been at this for 2.5 years and haven’t deviated, I don’t know how to make them any clearer.

Is it possible that your in need of a mission statement that isn’t a one liner marketing bullshit :3

But rather a political document thats unambiguously states your mission that cuts thru all the shit talk


This is a much needed warning to miners. I’m sure the big miners will be happy to donate some of their proceeds.


I am willing to chat with you about this. I am not qualified, but I know enough. What is it that you are confused by? Let’s talk about these things because we need to know.

I agree that Grin is not easy to understand. If you are just looking at it as an investment. Let’s talk about it. Where are the areas of confusion for you?


I can understand your perspective. But from the outside it looks so much differend. Not saying thats your fault. Ask yourself: why there is only two pools beside the one you cooperated with? From my point of view, a couple of strategical mistakes have been made. PM for details.


btw.: that 2h drive from my home, anyone else? https://twitter.com/hashmap/status/1088003754346074112


“decentralization” vs. “our partner pool”


Thank you for clarifying!

@igno.peverell @lehnberg


Thanks you for this.

I mad pr in FB page.

Let’s see what happened.




I think there is nothing to say further, I like what Grin set out to do. Here is my tiny contribution: https://insight.bitpay.com/tx/b0157721f4896a4e15eb3a19285b818799e72b6579f17fafa14ae151fcfdb078