[SOLVED] Early disappointments


“decentralization” vs. “our partner pool”


Thank you for clarifying!

@igno.peverell @lehnberg


Thanks you for this.

I mad pr in FB page.

Let’s see what happened.




I think there is nothing to say further, I like what Grin set out to do. Here is my tiny contribution: https://insight.bitpay.com/tx/b0157721f4896a4e15eb3a19285b818799e72b6579f17fafa14ae151fcfdb078


no need disappoint. we will fund this. just noticed this happen.


here you go, sometimes magic will happen:




that is really nice of you. that was 10 BTC. crazy


yes magic will happen.:grinning:


Agreed that this is just a publicity issue. Many people will help with the funding but werent aware of the last call for funds (because it was before the launch maybe ?)


Thanks @keepwalking1234 ! :+1: :grinning:


Here is my tiny contribution:


Thanks @keepwalking1234, @xiaojay, and all other donators~ :+1::+1::+1: please don’t forget to tell us your name (or company info) if you want to be listed in Grin Friends page: https://grin-tech.org/friends

Pls PM me in Gitter (or other core devs) for that :slight_smile:


Hello Igno. i took part in 2 of the contributions. Also setup and run during the testnet were virtually very small number of people supported. Finally with the three conglomerates i was able to mine a tiny amount of Grin.

Maybe the best possible move was as you build something new to try and distribute the mining pro grammatically as well. I’m starting to see that already many people started mining forks because in reality even with a good setup its impossible to mine Grin.

wish you good man


Hi Gary, we at F2Pool also wanted to thank the team behind the Grin development, and so we made our best efforts to help contribute to this project by funding the campaign.


@f2pool-Ric Awesome! thanks F2Pool :slight_smile: :+1:
and also pls PM me at Gitter to send me your logo file, so I can list F2Pool into Grin Friends page.


thanks to F2pool. I think it will help developers of grin. I also send you a liitle bit



While I’m not in the best place to contribute financially, I’m a fairly competent rust dev, and I’d like to get involved. So if there are any small TODOs i can help tackle, let me know.


why there is only two pools beside the one you cooperated with?

The early launch with breaking changes up to the last days, difficult to use and buggy core code gave a significant advantage to the well-funded corporate operations. Only pools with existing infrastructure and/or the ability to pay for developers to work full-time were able to be ready for launch. Full-time developer/operations work was needed to keep a pool running after launch, which gave additional advantage to large existing pools.

The “partner pool” is a partner because they have sufficient funding and were able to contribute $$ to the grin development fund. Pools that could not afford $$ contributions
(code and time did not count for much) had little or no help and simply could not compete. Even now, with the clear imbalance, a suggestion that the devs may help to correct the situation was declined.

Grin has embraced ASICS which will dominate mining within a year, pushing small and medium miners out, and further concentrate the mining pools (warning, im unqualified to judge this, its just my opinion). Im not sure it makes much sense for small / community driven pools to continue to invest time when there is very little chance of surviving more than another year.

Sorry for my bad attitude, but im quite disappointed also.


I have no back-story or reputation to back up my opinion here, only my belief.

Grin is a great project with a great core / starter culture and leading edge tech - and lastly a solid understanding of the distributed paradigm.

I am here continue getting on-board - in self-interest to become a better developer, an agent of empowerment to economy/culture like this which Grin has launched.

Time and Truth always win in the long run - and I am here for the long run (I assume many others are as well) - and those who are not here for the long run, will drift away, chasing other short-sighted endeavors. We who stay will over time become the majority.

I believe that there is little understanding or air-time for emergent systems - and since the plane is landing now, I’ll leave here.

Thanks to @hashmap for his how to contribute video from grincon0 and others who taught me how to be helpful - as they who have helped me.