TMGOX (The Magic Gathering Online Exchange)


Yes I was thinking the Pepsi O was too much, I can try to put it on the back or side of the hat instead. Thank you you are full of good ideas. Will let you know.

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Transparency Report #3: First of 2019 and Mainnet

Read it here too:


You helped us raise .41 BTC for the grin development fund.

Grin is alive and kicking, with some estimates putting the number of GPUs mining on the network at over half a million. All that proven work makes us tired just thinking about it, but the team at TMGOX has not been asleep, though we could use a good nap, and we hope you can forgive our delayed third transparency report to mark the beginning of our fifth month of sales and the first report post grin-mainnet-launch.

If you want the nitty gritty on the last two months, click the TLDR at the top. Long story short, sales are increasing and we sent nearly 200 different grin related accessories and fashion items out into the world since our last report. Tell your friends.

The low down:

  1. Please check your spam folder and see if you got a shipping confirmation, we have had to manually submit a handful orders our automation missed, but EVERYTHING has shipped!
  2. We have new outfit designs, new stickers, pins, a new book, and an update on the GRINOIRE book.
  3. Feedback requested on said book and a stamp project.
  4. We finally are shipping stickers… with bonus for your patience.
  5. We are working on accepting grin payments, very cool. Our monero discount has changed from 33% to 25% to make room.
  6. Future efficiencies game plan.

First: We are what amounts to a one man team, and wouldn’t have it any other way (nor is this a very complex organization), BUT we are working kinks out in our system every week and unfortunately sometimes our automatons let us down. We have sent out everything that’s ever been ordered, except for the GRINOIRE, as it doesn’t exist yet. Speaking of which…

Grinoire news: thank you to the dozen or so people who have pre-ordered, we couldn’t do it without you. The book is still in the development stages. There is going to be a heck of a lot in the first edition and it’s going to be a beautiful mess. Stuff like the wiki, top posts from the forum and mailing list, you get the picture. It’s overwhelming. It might look like an encyclopedia. It’s going to be great. We have an incredible new appreciation for Bryan Bishop. We still need your input on what else should be included in the first edition. Please comment on our repo and let us know your bright ideas; now is your chance to have your input memorialized in the first edition. Igno said we should include an excerpt from the Cryptonomicon and the choice was simple:

Harvard Li needs electronic cash. Not the lame stuff that people use to buy t-shirts on the Web without giving away their credit card numbers. He needs the full-on badass kind, based on hard crypto, rooted in an offshore data haven, and he needs it bad.

Ouch. Porqe no los dos?

We have a new book for sale. Technically it’s a zine, which is appropo we think. It is not strictly cryptocurrency related, but is called Hacking Finance Issue 01, and we couldn’t pass it up after seeing the slick design, and this article comparing Magic the Gathering to venture capital.

We also have a lot of other cool new stuff, some of the most creative conceived out of the blue by community members like yourself. See: a new sticker we have dubbed “Blockchains Not Bombs,” our first localized grin shirt for the grin Amsterdam meetup (there’s a sweater too), one inch grin pins (next up patches), a “Grin Reaper” tee we ripped off with absolutely no shame (from Banksy… who, in case you didn’t know, signed his name in the bitcoin genesis block right after the embedded newspaper headline), and a pretty slicke mimwim-yinyang shirt. Also, in case you missed it, grin now officially has a max coin cap. Economics of the entire network are irrevocably changed. The forks can stop now. (Note to self: start selling branded cutlery).

Another call for ideas: we want to make rubber stamps that you can use to permanently mark your local fiat cash with an advertisment for grin and a word against centralization. What should that stamp say? Coming up with a persuassive single sentence is key.

Blockchains Not Bombs

Grin Amsterdam Sweater

Grin Pins

Grin Reaper Shirt Back


Grin Max Coin Cap

We’ve been meaning to ask… is your t-shirt a lethal weapon? (coming soon tm).

Even more cool: we are preparing to accept grin as a form of payment on the shop. Truly we already do if you ask nicely, but @hashmap and Cycle42 are working on a simple payment service with easy integration we are waiting to show off. TMGOX should be one of the first storefronts where you can buy physical goods using grin, and hundreds of items at that. Exciting. To prepare we have dropped the Monero discount from 33% to 25% so that grin payments can take the top slot.

We have a feedback page for our crypto-payments servicer (speaking of which, maybe bug them to accept grin?), which is some sort of shallow reputation, but a reputation nonetheless. So far so good. A better form of repuation (and a treat) is seeing merch in the wild, which we have been retweeting as we come across it on the TMGOX twitter.

Regarding P2P exchange, we are still working on a forum for P2P atomic-swap trading, which should come in handy once the process has been ironed out. If you want to collaborate, we own the domain This is a hostage situation.

Some thoughts on the future. We are getting lots of stats on what sticks, what sells, and what stinks (see: our manifestote) and due to the nature of our bootstrapping, we can iterate like it’s nobody’s business on a whim. We already have some best sellers (the MAGA hat turned out to be an instant classic, for example) and plan to use this data to improve our margins and efficiency. In a year or so we should have grown enough and have enough data to start ordering wholesale direct and producing larger quantities of some of the things we know will sell. This is going to improve our margins and make more profit for grin development. We love this kind of tinkering. The most liberal of minds might even call it hacking. We will always have the #memblewimble style one-offs, but eventually we can pare down some of our selections and have some go-to items that keep the spice flowing like a well oiled worm.

Subscribe to the (fantastic) GrinNews newsletter for more general grin news, and follow us on twitter, and hop on our gitter to share ideas and feedback. Also, read this summary of why we need electronic cash from Coincenter (where our friend Neeraj works).

Truly grateful for the opportunity to do what we’re doing, with so much more to come. Congrats to all involved on grin’s “mythical fair launch.” Here’s to many years of experimentation and hoping all of the novel math Benedikt et al have been working on turns out to be viable and it can get implemented into grin. If you thought it was magical now just wait.


One of the greatest things of this community is that everybody is so exceptionally nice and friendly with each other. Even though your suggestion is funny - which I personally fancy a lot - I believe we should try to also broadcast this mentality to the outer realm. There are enough forums where people fight all day long about which coin is better. So pretty please let not give anybody the slightest grip on that and let´s try to be tolerant and open minded to different believes. If you think something is not worth spending thoughts on, it may also not necessary to talk about it.


Great new things! Well, it was a little obvious everybody in here would pay with Monero, huh?
I think it is good Idea to reduce the discount on that. I´d like to see more subtle designs at TMGOX. In general the stuff is super-cool, but I would also be fine with only having a small print somewhere on my shirt. I don’t think it always needs this big print on the back. Additionally this could save costs and leave more for the devs.
You know not more is more but more is less is more - which is more or less the same.

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I agree, thanks for your thoughts on this. I can be rather impulsive with my sense of humor, so I appreciate your reply so much. When people respond, It’s the only way I can get a sense of the room :slight_smile:


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Yes very good points give me some ideas? Grin-tech written on the breast small? Small face on the front?

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I think a custom smiley key cap would be stellar. OEM double pbc please!!! I think there is a demographic overlap with custom keys and crypto people.

What is pricing and minimum orders like?

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Yes, something like the latter. I also think the ASCI cuckotoo is the best design so far. This one without the back print ´d be nice.

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Tee shirt front:

Shirt back (add Grin logo):

I like this text as dialogue because it emphasizes the underlining aspects of person to person transactions; both parties being online at the same moment to send Grin.


Of all very strange inventions from the last century, dialogue-shirts are definitely in the top 10.

Not sure if they come before or after schnitzel-toasties though.



@0xb100d I want to buy a hoodie but I don’t want a christmas one or tongues on it… Are there any other options? Just a grin logo would be fine! pls let me know


We are scant on hoodies will add some. you like big smiley on the front or back?


Does this
320 votes and 55 comments so far on Reddit
give you any ideas for new grin merch?

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What is tim dapper or whatever his name was up to? The news stopped talking about Bitcoin so the daily interviews with tie man stopped


Wearing my TMGOX grin swag in Times Square! Gonna be representin’ @ MCC!


I spy with my little eye something black and yellow. Found this on twitter.


so rad. which panel?

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Dr. Adam Back, Rodolfo Novak, Richard Myers, Elaine Ou. “Bitcoin Without Internet” It was a great panel.


I like the scarf, would it be possible to get it in black/yellow?


Oh and grin logo tank top so I can rep grin and show off my balanced aesthetic swole at the gym. Thanks.